Powerful Photos from Border Angels’ ‘Love Has No Borders’ Historic Symphony for Children at Friendship Park

Jul 7, 2014
8:20 AM

Last night, Latino Rebels Radio featured the incredible work of Enrique Morones and Border Angels. During the show, Morones shared the following email and pictures (all taken about by María Teresa Fernández) about what the Border Angels did yesterday:

This week we saw the worst of the American spirit in Murrieta and today we see the best we have to offer as a people with the San Diego Symphony and Baja California orchestra presented by Border Angels. Love, like music have, no borders @ friendship park… special guest Academy Award nominee Demián Bichir of “A Better Life” joins celebration of our children,

Our donation drive enter its third week and we have collected more than 10 tons of donations and collected 10 car loads more today at Friendship Park! Tomorrow we launch Pperation Teddy Bear @ our offices (2258 Island Ave San Diego) as we will give bears to children and are looking for some volunteers to help share the love with our refugee visitors.

THANKS ALSO TO OUR VOLUNTEER IMMIGRATION ATTORNEYS as they again gave advise to our deported neighbors (border angels does this every first Sunday of month)

Thanks all for the wonderous support ! Love has no borders, Enrique, Border Angels

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