Texas State Troopers Not Involved in Border Convoy’s Claim of Cartel Hotel Evacuation

Aug 7, 2014
5:22 PM

After a local Texas sheriff called Border Convoy’s claims of an August 5 hotel evacuation from drug cartel members “all false,” a media spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety also confirmed via email that no Texas state troopers were involved in any August 5 incident.

“DPS troopers were not involved in this incident,” the email said. DPS oversees Texas’ state troopers.

DPS’ response was sent after Latino Rebels’ @julito77 asked for comment about a recent update made by Border Convoy, which said that “several leftist hack websites are claiming the evacuation was fabricated and never happened. While they do confirm a 911 call took place, they use the fact that Culberson County had no recollection of the event.” The Convoy’s update then said that Texas State troopers “primarily handled” the incident in nearby Reeves County. Here is an excerpt of the text that was sent to DPS for comment:

The Border Convoy group is saying that an incident did occur and they filed a report with Texas State Troopers in Reeves County. The link to that is here.

“Law enforcement actually encountered the convoy in Reeves County, not Culberson. And while there was a Sheriff Deputy vehicle on hand, the situation was primarily handled by Texas State Troopers.”

My question is whether Texas State Troopers did handle this situation on Monday August 5 and if there is a report about this.

That is when DPS responded, saying DPS troopers were not involved.

You can read the rest of Border Convoy’s latest full statement about the August 5 claims below. The media alert from August 5 stated that the alleged evacuation occurred in a local Comfort Inn, which is actually an Econo Lodge. The latest statement, which says that Texas State troopers “primarily handled” the case, now says it occurred at a Quality Inn. As previously reported, a manager at the local Quality Inn in Van Horn, Texas, said nothing happened on August 5.


Today, the Border Convoy is McAllen, after leading a rally yesterday in San Antonio where only six people showed up.