Six People Attended Border Convoy’s San Antonio ‘Rally’

Aug 7, 2014
10:40 AM

Looks like the much-hyped Border Convoy trip into Texas has become an absolute disaster for the “Stop the Invasion” organizers. Yesterday, the group was in San Antonio, and according to local press, only six people showed up.

A half-dozen people from the San Antonio area gathered to hear radio host Pete Santilli talk about illegal immigration Wednesday afternoon.

The event had been promoted online as a stop in a caravan of activists from Murrieta, California, who opposed the busing of immigrant children to a center in that city.

Instead only Santilli, flanked by men in body armor, showed up.

Border Convoy’s Facebook page was promoting an event at the Mexican consulate in San Antonio, but it didn’t include information or photos that “rally.” Instead, it promoted the following photo, which had occurred before the rally where six people attended:

While in San Antonio, “Liberty Jane” tried to explain what happened to the group in El Paso on Sunday in a “hard-hitting” interview. Jane’s account doesn’t match video from the actual event or what was reported.

At the end of that account, Jane also said that the group stayed in Van Horn, but interestingly enough, she makes no mention of a rather hyped-up “evacuation” from drug cartels that the Border Convoy promoted in a fundraising media alert, but a local sheriff said never happened.

Border Convoy claims that Texas State troopers were involved in helping them report the alleged evacuation and says it has an incident report. Latino Rebels has contacted the troopers’ media contacts for more information.

All right, there you have it.