Former Head of Border Patrol’s Internal Affairs: Corrupt Agency Suffers from ‘Institutional Narcissism’

Aug 15, 2014
8:08 AM

In an wide-ranging (and unauthorized) interview with The Center for Investigative Reporting, the former head of US. Customs and Border Protection’s internal affairs division went on record to publicly criticize the “institutional narcissism” of an agency that is corrupt and sees itself as “a paramilitary border security force.”

According to the CIR interview, James F. Tomsheck is still part of CPB as executive director of the agency’s national programs, but that did not stop him from discussing what has been a growing problem with BP agents when it comes to corruption and changing facts about shooting deaths near the border.


Yet at least a quarter of the 28 deaths were “highly suspect,” said James F. Tomsheck, the agency’s recently removed head of internal affairs. In a sweeping and unauthorized interview with The Center for Investigative Reporting, he said the deaths raised serious questions about whether the use of lethal force was appropriate.

Instead, Tomsheck said, Border Patrol officials have consistently tried to change or distort facts to make fatal shootings by agents appear to be “a good shoot” and cover up any wrongdoing.

“In nearly every instance, there was an effort by Border Patrol leadership to make a case to justify the shooting versus doing a genuine, appropriate review of the information and the facts at hand,” he said.

Tomsheck also added, ““It has been suggested by Border Patrol leadership that they are the Marine Corps of the U.S. law enforcement community. The Border Patrol has a self-identity of a paramilitary border security force and not that of a law enforcement organization.”

You can read the entire interview here.