The Saddest Video We Have Seen This Week About the Central American Child Refugee Crisis

Aug 31, 2014
10:56 AM

This following is a video of Ly Kou.

Kou and others spoke in front of the Riverside, CA, City Council about whether or not Riverside should become a sanctuary city for recent Central American migrants fleeing their countries.

Riverside eventually voted against the measure, but it looks like Kou needs to brush up on her Central American history. Maybe Kou should listen to the actual testimony of actual Central American. You would think someone like Kou would see similarities to her plight and the plight of these children. Or maybe Kou needs to look at a recent survey about how Americans views these minors.

Kou’s attempt at Oppression Olympics is callous and un-American. We encourage her to talk to real families in Central America. Or would Kou actually visit places like El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala? There were also “Killing Fields” there as well. How quickly we forget. Maybe Kou would get a clue and realize she has more in common with Central American refugees that she thinks.