Latino Rebels Founder on MSNBC to Political Parties: Stop Treating Latino Voters Like Piñatas

Oct 30, 2014
5:03 PM

In a segment earlier this morning on MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart spoke to Buzzfeed’s Adrian Carrasquillo and our own Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of Latino Rebels, about the immigration action expected from the White House before the end of the year.

While Adrian discussed his piece about how the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security are expected to send final immigration recommendations to the White House, Julio had this to share about the country’s major political parties:

Here it is again, not to be stereotypical, but U.S Latino voters are the piñata. The pandering, and things that have been happening, the mixed messages, not only coming from the White House, but also from the Democratic National Committee… then the messages from the chairman of the Republican National Committee saying it’s un-American to be talking about amnesty… it’s no wonder that when you look at the recent polling that was published in the Washington Post and in Pew, it’s no wonder that you see a dip in support by Latinos for both parties and it’s no wonder than more Latinos are getting educated. In the end, I think it would send a really powerful message next week during the midterms if Latinos go out and vote and actually vote their conscience and see where they can affect these races, and send a message to both parties that we’re here and that we matter.