Obama to DREAMer: ‘You Need to Go Protest the Republicans’ (VIDEO)

Nov 3, 2014
10:49 AM

This happened yesterday in Connecticut. A DREAMer interrupted President Obama.

This is what the President said: “You’re a ‘Dreamer’ and I gave you relief administratively and we’re going to work on the next one.”

He also said this: “The Republicans are blocking immigration reform. That’s one more reason we need a Democratic Senate. So I support you. I’m with you. And you need to go protest the Republicans, because I’m not the one blocking it.”

The video was covered on CBS News yesterday. You can read what it wrote here.

Recent reports, published days before the midterms (the same midterms the White House miscalculated with U.S. Latino voters), is sharing more information about what the White House plans to do after the elections.

Still, we have now seen the second example of undocumented activists interrupting the President this week. We thought Obama’s first response in Wisconsin was arrogant, and the one in Connecticut was no different. (By the way, DREAMers do protest Republicans. The White House knows that. The Democrats know that, but just like how the GOP misleads and offends, elements of the Democratic Party do the same thing, and make sure those private prisons keep getting built.)

In addition, the Facebook page of Congressman Luis Gutiérrez, a Democrat who has been highly critical of the Administration’s record deportations, shared the following image. Looks like the President will do something, yet our biggest question is why is he waiting until after the elections? Oh yeah, because this is all political, and Democrats are playing to not lose, as our founder tells us all the time. Our bad.