The One Immigration Story You Need to Know About Today

Oct 28, 2014
9:27 AM

This morning, NPR did a bit more digging about a new immigration detention facility being built in Dilley, Texas.

The 7-minute report explores what is really behind the construction of what U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) wants to call a “residential center” for mostly women and children who arrive into the United States from Central America. The story has it all: a lighting-quick bidding process; the bizarre involvement of Eloy, Arizona (did we already say that the detention center is in Texas?); the Corrections Corporation of America (you know who CCA is); and the fact that even though the number of crossings from Central America has decreased dramatically, NPR included this telling nugget of information in its report:

Washington wants to send a clear message of deterrence back to Central America: Don’t make the journey. Dilley is the third new “residential center” ICE has opened in recent months to detain families and swiftly deport them if their asylum claims fail.

Here is the full report: NPR piece on Dilley detention center.

By the way, CCA is hiring for the Dilley center.


Here are some of the job descriptions on CCA’s official site:

Case Manager
Job Location: Dilley, TX
Job ID: DIL0000V

The Case Manager provides case management and counseling services to inmates/residents and their families. This position assists the inmates/residents becoming aware of strengths and needs in adjusting socially to their environments.

Program Manager PREA Compliance
Job Location: Dilley, TX
Job ID: DIL0001R

The Program Manager, PREA Compliance develops, implements, and oversees facility policy and procedures as it pertains to compliance with the standards of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Manages all on-site compliance efforts, reporting requirements, and is responsible for the delivery of PREA training to both staff and residents.

Wait, we thought this was a “family residential center” and not a prison?