My Third Week Working in the Legal Marijuana Industry

Nov 10, 2014
5:35 PM

Last week was a big one in our industry. Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC all voted to legalize marijuana. Among all the other political news that occurred this past Tuesday —whether it was Democratic or Republican— the fact that these two states and our nation’s capital made this plant legal signals some very big changes. 2016 will be quite interesting as even more states will have some sort of legalization on the ballot. The momentum is only growing. The politics of pot may even become part of the Presidential election. I leave it to Stephen Colbert to sum it up. Follow the link to watch the video clip.

Of course, now that cannabis will be legal in Oregon the Washington industry will soon be facing some new hurdles. The truth of the matter is that Oregon’s law is better written and could put a big hurt on the fledgling industry in Washington. Simply put marijuana will be much less expensive in Oregon unless the tax structure is changed in the Evergreen State and this could hurt all the businesses in the Southern part of the state.

The Green Rush is just starting in Oregon. Since you don’t have to be a resident of the state to start a cannabis business like you do in Washington, eyes across the nation will look to Oregon for new business ventures in the industry. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Whatever happens many millions of dollars are going to flow into Portland alone.

For me personally, the passing of Measure 91 in Oregon makes me feel quite good about my decision to join the industry just three weeks ago. My unique experience may prove to be very valuable in the near future so I am just trying to soak in as much as possible and do the best job I can because one never knows what may pop up.

That said, I really like where I work. I am surrounded by some very interesting characters who love working legally with a plant they love. There is experience here growing and processing for the medical side but the fact that we can get company paychecks and business cards means a lot for my coworkers. I really do think this love shows up in the care taken to get from seedling to flower to processing and packaging. Honestly, I feel proud of my co-workers and our product. I wasn’t sure I would at first but I do.

A lot of my pride comes from the fact that we aren’t just trying to produce great marijuana to get you high. I am quite happy that we are also breeding strains to help people medically.

I am proud to work with a Veteran of the US Marines who spent plenty of time overseas in Afghanistan. He uses cannabis to deal with his pain and wants to promote it as a natural remedy. It turns out that he isn’t alone among our Veterans as the following article shows: Veteran discusses “how his decision to finally disregard federal law and begin self-medicating with cannabis almost certainly saved his life.”

Parents across the nation also break the law seeking to help their children as this video for Time Magazine’s YouTube channel shows.

The more I learn, the more I question our nation’s laws about cannabis. I don’t know how much will change between now and 2016 however, I am grateful that at least on the cannabis front things seem to be changing.

Until next week, I bid you farewell from the Land of Legal Cannabis.


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