Twitter’s 2014 Moments Exclude Major Political Events in Latin America

Dec 12, 2014
4:44 PM

Twitter has begun to start promoting its 2014 Moments, and to be honest with you, we thought the social media network would have at least highlighted either this year’s Venezuela protests or the current Mexico ones in their “News and Politics” section.

Yet, bizarrely, the only Latin American moment from that section was Carnaval. Yes, Carnaval. In the “News and Politics” section. (Brazil’s elections appear in the “Moments” section but not in “News and Politics.”)

No mention of #SOSVenezuela or #PrayForVenezuela. No mention of #Ayotiznapa, #YaMeCanse or any of its iterations. Such news is perplexing, sincem at least in our digital world, both Venezuela and Mexico are some of the most active Twitter countries in the world. Twitter did list the Honk Kong protests on its lists, but not Venezuela or Mexico? Is there another alternative social media space we are unaware of that just excludes events in Latin America?

So this heat map of #YaMaCanse doesn’t mean anything?

Or that Venezuela did indeed trend (a lot) and was pretty much THE topic in our feeds this past February and March?

Guess not.