Showtime’s Jim Gray Quickly Discovers That US Latinos Actually Speak English

Jan 18, 2015
8:38 AM

Last night Deadspin posted a Vine showing Showtime’s Jim Gray about to interview Albuquerque native Fidel Maldonado, a Mexican American boxer who lost his fight to Amir Imam. As the Vine shows, Gray asked Maldonado a question but then turned to his trainer first, who said, “He speaks English.”

That was awkward. By the way, one guy on the Vine posted this, “To Jim Gray’s credit, his manager was standing in the exact position translators stand in.”

Yeah, right. Because no trainer or manager in the history of boxing has ever been to the right of a boxer ever.

You would think Gray and the Showtime folks could have done some actual research about the people the network interviews before asking them questions.

Wow, U.S. Latinos can speak actual English. Amazing.