Harvard Business Review’s ‘Mariachi Conference Call’ Tweet

Jan 29, 2015
8:51 AM

You have to give it up to our friend Laura Martínez of Mi blog es tu blog. Last night, Laura found this ridiculous gem, an actual tweet from the Twitter account of Harvard Business Review:


As you might imagine, huh? ¿Qué qué?

You should know something else about all this. If you check the actual article online, this is what you get:


By the way, the “article” was written by Rob Bellmar, executive vice president of conferencing and collaboration at InterCall. Bellmar wanted everyone to know that his company had “recent InterCall research on the rise of mobile conference calls and employee conferencing behavior.”

We read the whole article. Twice. No mention of sleepy mariachis. And why did the mariachi image show up on Twitter when the actual HBR post shows a different picture? A valid question. (By the way, we hear that last night the HBR piece did include the mariachi image but it has now changed, but we can’t confirm that.) Nonetheless, a fail by those MBA types up there in Boston.

Apparently, looks like HBR editors were called out a day ago about all this.