WTF, Chipotle: A ‘¿Homo Estás?’ Ad? Really?

Jun 17, 2015
5:42 PM

The following tweet was directed to us by one of our dearest friends and supporters, Rubén Castilla Herrera. It had to do with Chipotle. You know, that Chipotle.

Now, we don’t have many words for this one, since all you need to do is read what Rubén is saying on his Twitter. (Also for more, see this Reddit.)

Interestingly enough, this Chipotle ad is getting attention (and getting praised by a non-Latino white writer) because of Philadelphia’s Gay Pride Parade, where Chipotle was at.

And it’s true, the company has been known to champion LGBTQ causes. Yet, as we ponder more about this, we come back to what Rubén shared. We just wonder if those in the LGBTQ community who are not of Mexican descent understand why this just felt wrong.