School of Authentic Journalism Offers 20 Scholarships for 2015 Session

Aug 23, 2015
11:00 AM

The School for Authentic Journalism is offering “20 scholarships to writers, reporters, communicators, bloggers, artists, cineastes, photographers, editors, radio conductors, technicians, community organizers and webmasters who communicate about social movements.”

Greg Berger, the Mexico-based journalist and filmmaker who goes by the name “Gringoyo“, is an alumnus of the school (Class of 2004) and writes about his experience as a former student and current instructor:

It’s been eleven years since I attended Narco News’ School of Authentic Journalism as a scholar, in 2004 in Bolivia. What I learned there improved my filmmaking, changed the direction of my work, and also my life for the better. …

Maybe you’re like I was: You want to change the world, you have some talent at video or writing and reporting or on the Internet or have other communications skills, but you want to become better at it, and do it in a way that really does help our movements and communities win battles rather than just march around and lose them again and again.

More than 500 people have attended the School in the past 12 years. It’s the only school I know of that charges no tuition and where the professors are volunteers (and most of us graduates of the school). I learn as much every year as a professor as I did the first time.

Mexico-based journalist Greg Berger, Class of 2004 (School of Authentic Journalism)

Mexico-based journalist Greg Berger, Class of 2004 (School of Authentic Journalism)

This year’s four-day session will run from November 9 to 12 near Mexico City and will be taught by skilled journalists and activists from as far afield as Bolivia and Montreal.

“This is a school that trains journalists to think from both sides of the camera,” Berger writes, “both as communicators and as organizers – to be better able to report on the strategy and tactics of movements.”

Berger goes on to discuss why the school doesn’t use Facebook anymore as an “online meeting place”:

Let’s face it, Facebook has become far too commercial and manipulative to host an authentic journalism school’s work. So Narco News and the School of Authentic Journalism, along with many of our team, are in the process of moving to Tsu: the new social media that shares 90 percent of the ad revenues with those of us posting the content.

The Fund for Authentic Journalism has already received more than $600 through shared ad revenues and donations by other Tsu users since early May: more than it ever received during six years on Facebook! These resources will likely allow us to grant more than the 20 scholarships we’ve promised this year.

We invite our readers – whether you apply to the school or not – to join the new social network that will be the next online base of the Authentic Journalism renaissance. Just click this link, find the ‘JOIN’ button on the upper right corner, and click:

To apply for one of the 20 scholarships, send an email to

The program is currently available to Spanish-speaking students only, but the school is hoping to get the funds to offer a bilingual program sometime in the future. Berger makes a point to mention that the application is “is long and includes an essay question, … to weed out lazy people or those who don’t really want it enough.”

Applications are due by midnight on August 30.