Rosa Clemente’s ‘If I Was President’ Tour

Sep 8, 2015
8:22 AM

We are big fans of Rosa Clemente, the absolutely brilliant hip hop activist, lecturer and journalist who was also the Green Party’s 2008 vice presidential candidate. Last week, Clemente launched her 2015–2016 “If I Was President” tour, where she asks this simple question: “What would it mean to have a people’s president?” If you can catch Clemente, do it. She is a voice who brings truth to power, and to be honest—we need a lot more Rosa Clementes in this world. The following image from her site lists all her appearances so far for the tour (you can also get more details here). Clemente will be visiting several places across the country, including New York, DC, Chicago, Boston (twice), Duke University and the University of Connecticut.


As Clemente herself says about the tour:

For me its not only about holding Obama, the House of Representatives, or the United States Senate accountable. Holding public officials accountable is important, but building a multiracial social justice movement is a necessity for our very existence.