Latino Stars Release Protest Song ‘We’re All Mexican’ (VIDEO)

Sep 21, 2015
1:29 PM

Legendary music producer Emilio Estefan, alongside an all-star group of Latino entertainers and allies such a Whoopi Goldberg and Kathy Griffin, just dropped the video for their protest song “We’re All Mexican.” The tune is a response to the anti-Mexican commentary of Donald Trump. So give it a watch and let us know: protest unity or a bit over the top? (Dancing chihuahuas and beans? Huh?)

Latinos Unidos
abriendo camino
que nadie nos pare
eso es lo que pido…

As Estefan stated on Univision’s Al Punto on Sunday:

Latinos have accomplished a lot, we have to send a message to the entire world that we’re united.

But chihuahuas, guacamole and beans? Come on, Emilio.