The Day of the Dead Makeup Video M•A•C Cosmetics Doesn’t Want You to See

Nov 1, 2015
9:58 AM

Last Friday, our friends from the fabulous site told us about a M•A•C Cosmetics Day of the Dead makeup video that has pretty much gotten slammed by anyone who knows anything about cultural symbols and appropriation. Interestingly enough, after Pocho wrote about the video and how bad it was, the public video M•A•C Cosmetics put up on YouTube suddenly became private.


The video is still up on M•A•C’s Facebook site, but it cannot be embedded and the audience for the video is now listed as “Custom” and not “Public.” Many are slamming the video on the Facebook post for obvious reasons (the “Carmen Miranda” one is on target). Here is just one example, where the M•A•C Facebook profile responds:


In addition, if you go to the link M•A•C provided in the Facebook post (, an image of Marissa Jade Willinsky, the woman in the video, is no longer there:


So why are people upset? Just watch the video that M•A•C is no longer promoting on its YouTube channel (if you have problems with our own embed, just go here and watch):

By the way, tweeted M•A•C on Friday about why the video is now private on YouTube. And so far, nada.