Honduran Man Who Got Spit on at Trump Rally Speaks Out (VIDEO)

Nov 6, 2015
8:20 AM

If you can get beyond the dark dramatic music soundtrack that accompanies the following video, hear what 30-year-old Ronald Sanchez told Business Insider about his experience at a Donald Trump rally last month in Richmond, Virginia.

The guy who got spit on at a Donald J. Trump rally told us he was never more afraid to be in America.

Posted by INSIDER on Monday, November 2, 2015

According to reports, here is more about Sanchez, who is from Honduras:

He lives in the U.S. on a work permit, and has been here for 14 years. Sanchez works as a technician at Hilliard Automotive in Richmond, Virginia, the host city of a Trump rally that got testy in mid-October.

Trump’s rhetoric about illegal immigration had rubbed Sanchez the wrong way and he decided to attend the rally to stand up for his fellow Latinos.

So Sanchez got tickets for himself and his wife, Maria.

He started to fear for their safety once they approached the event, which was held at the Richmond International Raceway.