Latino USA: Will Hispandering Win You Over?

Nov 8, 2015
10:50 AM

Only three things are certain in American life: taxes, death, and Hispandering. This week Latino USA features a conversation between cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz and the author of OC Weekly‘s “Ask a Mexican,” Gustavo Arellano, who look at some of the more cringeworthy instances of Hispandering from elections past, and the two make predictions of what Latino voters can expecting heading into 2016.

GUSTAVO: I remember the days when politicians, to reach out to the Latino audience, they’d go to either King Taco in L.A. or Mi Tierra in San Antonio, put on a sombrero, eat a taco, and all of a sudden — hey! — you’re going get all of the votes. Now it seems politicians are a little bit more savvy in their ways, no?

LALO: Yes and no. I mean, they know the sombrero still is effective. Actually, the last election cycle, Hillary Clinton was at the King Taco in East L.A., and it was so taped up with police tape, I thought it was a murder scene. But what they usually murder is good taste. As a rule, I don’t think there’s enough Hispandering. There should be more.