Coca-Cola Mexico Said It Only Paid Individual Non-Indigenous Actors

Dec 4, 2015
7:07 PM

The whole Coca-Cola Mexico “White Savior” video controversy got a bit weirder. Never mind that Coca-Cola said that it removed the video from its official channels and won’t talk about the issue any longer, now Coca-Cola Mexico has admitted that the ad’s indigenous actors didn’t really get compensated but that commercial’s non-indigenous actors (read: lighter-skinned and more privileged) did get paid. Here is an email response that Coca-Coca Mexico sent to our founder when the company was asked if only the non-indigenous actors were paid:

Coca-Cola Mexico later said that it mistakenly said “download” when it should have said “removed.”

Meanwhile, the ad is no longer on the company’s channels, but Latino Rebels did upload the video to the Latino Rebels YouTube channel:

The debate on the video page has been intense. What else is new.