Become a Latino Rebels Patron: Give Now to Support Independent Media

Feb 9, 2016
7:57 AM

As the Latino digital media space continues to get more and more crowded (and sadly, in some cases, noisier and noisier), the need to keep independent media alive is stronger than ever. Here at Latino Rebels, we strongly believe that keeping our voice authentic is the most important thing we can do.

That is why starting today, we have decided to launch a new Patreon page where we ask you for your help. Award-winning writer and author Rick Najera explains:

Since 2011, Latino Rebels has set the tone of what independent Latino media should be. This has been done with just one founder who has funded (and continues to fund) the group ever since he formed the group, dedicated volunteers who believed in the mission and over 180 contributors who have shared their voices to this page. As imitators begin to take the stage, Latino Rebels continues to lead, staying original, impactful and honest.

Along with a small handful of innovative Latino media pages who have been doing this long before anyone else has (we see you, Pocho, Remezcla and News Taco), you can help keep independent Latino media independent.

Click on the image below to become a Latino Rebels Patron now. The money raised will keep this page alive, help us take care of our volunteers and propel us to the next level.