Latino Rebels Presents: ‘Rebeldes Anthology: Bolder’

Feb 23, 2016
1:32 PM


Latino Rebels presents: Rebeldes Anthology: Bolder. Bolder, is the first of several Rebeldes Anthology volumes. Staying true to the Latino Rebels tagline: Louder. Prouder. Bolder., this literary work breaks from the confines of mainstream realism, cross boundaries of form and genres, and bluntly covers a broad array of subject matter impacting the Latino community. The pieces explore: Puerto Rican sentiments, immigration, family issues, legal struggles, education, political art and even forbidden love.

After receiving an overwhelming amount of submissions, this anthology is comprised by the following authors:

This is the first publication under Latino Rebels’ new publishing company Editorial Trance. Once merger efforts are completed, Editorial Trance, a Latino Rebels Company will be opened for submissions. It will seek to work with bold, daring and new independent writers. The mission is to broaden the literary horizon of the Latino, diverse, multi-cultural experience, with pieces that move, reveals, and break new ground—shocks, even.

Our content has now expanded to the written page. The book is available electronically and will be available for print-on-demand, March 2016.

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