Dear Teespring Sports: Please Stop Spamming Our Facebook Feeds with Your Crappy NBA Calavera Tees

Apr 19, 2016
5:44 PM

You know you are just part of a “Latino demographic” when every time any of us in our group checked our Facebook feeds today, we kept getting this ad from Teespring Sports:


Of course, because you know, what better way to express your love for a Pacific Northwest professional basketball team than buying a tee with a calavera? Because it’s not like this is just yet another example of appropriation, right?

And the marketing behind the tee is so clever, right?

Sweet Blazers Skull
Inspired by the beautifully made Dia [sic] de los Muertos, these tees are sweet like sugar. Long live the Blazers!

We give up.

The thing is, from the looks of it, no one seems to care. But just in case you do, add your comments here and let Teespring know what you think. It’s not like they’re not asking for feedback:


For the record, we agree with the comment from Lalo Guerrero, who simply wrote this on Teespring Sports’ Facebook wall: #nomames.

Hit it, Gollum.