‘A Vote for US’ (VIDEO)

May 9, 2016
12:16 PM

This video comes to us from Antonio and Gonz Serrano, two Latinos in Cheyenne, Wyoming who decided to make a difference this election year by hitting the streets and going door to door in an effort help Bernie Sanders win the Wyoming primary on April 9 — which he did, by a landslide (though Hillary would ultimately walk away with just as many delegates).

Antonio: People like me never got involved. We thought we couldn’t make a difference. … Anybody can make a difference. Even the reddest state, the smallest population state, we can make a difference. We can stand up and change. … And people like me are not going to sit on the sidelines anymore. We’re going to get involved. We’re going to put our voice out there because we matter too.

A big shoutout to these two Rebeldes who are having their voices heard and effecting change in the least likely of places.

Every voice matters.