EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! Sexy Zebras + Molotov Drop Anti-Corruption Music Video: ‘Hijo De Puta’

May 31, 2016
5:28 PM


Sexy Zebras are at it again, and they mean it. The unapologetically raw and wild band dropped their new political anthem “Hijo De Puta,” showing the middle finger to the political landscape we’re currently experiencing. With a legion of partygoers armed with masks, the song depicts a dormant mass, hypnotized by false globalization and mass indoctrination aimed to feed the current world order machinery.

The song targets corruption and discrimination in general, and can be applied to political situations all over the world. The chorus highlights the need to stand up to the mess that so many of us are in– ‘somos sangre de tu sangre de la misma madre‘.

The video features Randy from Molotov, and takes place at an outrageous party in the Malasaña area of Madrid. At the party you see some familiar faces, like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Obama, and some others.

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