These North Carolina High School Seniors Did a ‘Trump Wall’ Prank and They Didn’t Get Disciplined (VIDEO)

Jun 7, 2016
3:53 PM

Hey, we get this is a free country and there is free speech, but when it comes to public education and high schools and kids, it’s a whole different ballgame. That is why this report from North Carolina is troubling: High school seniors did a “Trump Wall” prank with the supervision of a teacher. And they got away with it.

Here is the response from a school district official, according to WLOS:

In viewing the actual photo and what took place, there’s not anything offensive in the photo. There was no offensive activity at the time. What became offensive or concerning was what took place on social media afterwards. So, it’s hard for the school to have control or to take action against something that happened on social media that was outside school hours and outside any school network.

Tell that to one of the Latina students, Marta Guardian, who talked about the prank for local news: