WTF: There’s Now a Gigantic Christopher Columbus Statue in Puerto Rico

Jun 21, 2016
9:33 AM

In case you missed it, the following video is real. Yes, this gigantic Christopher Columbus statue by Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli is in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. It was unveiled last week.

The sculpture is called “The Birth of the New World” and it’s even taller than the Statue of Liberty. And according to reports, Puerto Rico accepted the statue only after cities such as Columbus, Ohio, New York, Boston, Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale and Miami all said no.

Leave it to Puerto Rico to say yes. Because you know, this is Puerto Rico we are talking about, where down is up and up is down. Can it be any more fitting that one of the world’s oldest colonies has decided to celebrate history’s most notorious colonizer and murderer of indigenous peoples? Only in Puerto Rico.

Hit it, Gollum: