Latin Label Coalition Slams SiriusXM’s Cancellation of Eight Latin Music Channels

Jun 22, 2016
3:27 PM


Without any notice, SiriusXM recently terminated the satellite broadcast of eight out of 10 Latin music channels. In other words, 80% of the Latin programming has been cut. In addition, none of the two remaining Latin channels focuses on Mexican music, being that 70% of the U.S. Latino population is of Mexican descent. Also, for the two remaining Latin music stations SiriusXM, one channel dedicates significant airtime to non-Latin artists.

The genres removed from Sirius include: Mexican Regional, Latin Rock/Alternative, Salsa, Reggaetón, Latin Jazz, Romantic Latin Pop and Latin Oldies. This silencing of the diverse and rich musical cultures enjoyed by both Latinos and non-Latinos alike is unprecedented, and represents a significant setback to diversity in satellite radio.

Latinos have responded.

Alex Nogales, President & CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, stated the following:

SiriusXM’s decision to drastically reduce the availability of satellite channels serving Latino audiences harms Latino listeners, artists and anyone hoping to hear diverse content on its platform. Given the increasing number of businesses embracing the significant market power of Latinos and public outcry for greater diversity in all forms of media, this move represents a puzzling failure to offer culturally relevant content to consumers who demand more–not fewer– options on every medium. Not long ago, SiriusXM convinced the Federal Communications Commission that granting it a monopoly over satellite radio would not harm diversity. However, SiriusXM has failed Latinos with its severe programming changes and we urge it to take immediate action to offer channels that reflect the rich cultural heritage of our communities.

SiriusXM’s management claimed that Latino customers weren’t upset when their favorite satellite channels were silenced. Evidence proves otherwise. Just check out #MoreLatinMusicOnSiriusXM.

The Latin Label Coalition, a conglomerate of different Latino institutions and record labels, has provided Latino Rebels with their June 22 statement about SiriusXM’s decision.

Read the full statement below: