Trump Already Built a Wall

Aug 12, 2016
8:59 AM
Donald Trump

Credit: DonkeyHotey/Flickr

This election year, the odds are beyond over and under. What’s at stake? the country going sideways and backwards. Grassroots and digital organizing efforts targeting Latinos aggressively aim to energize a somewhat dormant voting block. A recent Gallup poll showed that, in the case of foreign-born Latino immigrants, “28% say they are registered, and another 27% plan to register before the election.”


For most institutions partaking in these organizing initiatives, the goal is to overwhelmingly increase the percentage of the Hispanic vote and become the decisive force between the Clinton vs. Trump battle, not to mention, the 88% of Congress up for re-election. Mind you, this may also mean the divorce of a tormented marriage between Trump and the Republican Party, and dare we hazard the prediction of the GOP’s demise.

Donald Trump’s antics have certainly gained our attention, and they may backfire big time. As a fresh reminder, he has constantly barraged nuclear bombs of verbal excrement against pretty much everyone with:

  • A vagina attributed by birth or surgical reassignment.
  • A skin pigment darker than vanilla tint off-white.
  • An unquenchable urge to love whoever they choose.
  • A unique trait showing diverse abilities— physical or mental.
  • An accent of any kind, unless he’s able to determine it’s from one of the 48 contiguous states.
  • A preferred method of clothing or fashion statement triggering a closer look to the model’s tax returns.
  • A chosen ritual involving hands, yoga-like movements and recitals that may or may not include Jesus Christ in any line.
  • An uncertified heartbeat, unless the heartbeat is inside a stunning statuesque female with child-bearing abilities.
  • A weapon of knowledge and not a tangible gadget of mass destruction.

Thanks to his divisive rhetoric he’s also poked and awakened a morose hibernating bear. Hispanic voters are registering in record numbers, and it has triggered an uprising of permanent residents applying for citizenship, for the sole purpose of middle-finger him with their vote. How many votes may be at odds? 27.3 million eligible Hispanic voters. Of course, let’s factor in the latest poll that has Clinton 75%, Trump 15%, Other 10%

This video by Associated Press explains in greater detail why Latinos are uprising, organizing and, hopefully, voting.

Trump has already built a wall and it’s called the Latino vote. Take key swing state of Florida: only 12.9% support among Hispanic voters— historically low. And, of course, Republicans are scared. Odds are allowing the Trumpet to compose and conduct this arrhythmic, unmusical sym-phony left them with a VII6 chord unresolved, only to find out they’ll have to start by rewriting their entire counterpoint. It’s all in the harmony.

Now, what are we doing about the 88% of Congress up for re-election?

#NeverDivided #NeverTrump