Scarborough: Maybe Those Deported in Trump’s World ‘Will Go to Joe Robbie Stadium’ #NoMames

Aug 30, 2016
4:23 PM

You ever wonder what ridiculous and insulting discussion looks like on national television when you don’t have people around the table to discuss the very human issue of immigration policy with dignity? We present to you today’s example from MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The following clip is part of a discussion surrounding Donald Trump’s immigration positions and whether they are shifting or not. Watch at what host Joe Scarborough jokes about, just seconds after Mike Barnicle uses a baseball analogy (yes, a baseball analogy) to describe immigration policy.

A stadium. A football stadium. And every man at the table laughed. A lot.

Do we really need to remind the Morning Joers about history? About Pinochet? Hitler? Coups? Stories of torture and rounding up people? Is this group truly out of touch with the human side of immigration? Are immigrants and the struggles they go through each day a joke, while the Morning Joers drink up their privilege and laugh?

If there were ANY day where ANY Latino or Latina journalist or pundit were at the table on Morning Joe, today would have been that day. Comments like the ones Barnicle and Scarborough made need to be challenged and challenged hard. The immigration debate in this country is real. It is not abstract like a baseball game or some insulting joke. It’s time for shows like Morning Joe to understand that it is not reflective of the changing demographic of this country.

We need more of this:

And less of this: