When Asked About Helping Sick Undocumented Immigrants, Trump Doesn’t Give a Crap (VIDEO)

Sep 16, 2016
9:10 AM

We have heard a lot about the “interview” Donald Trump gave this week with Dr. Oz, but of all the questions that were asked, where is the outrage for the following exchange, where Trump essentially said he doesn’t give a crap about sick undocumented immigrants. Just watch.

In case you need to read it and believe it for yourself:

OZ: So you mentioned you don’t want people dying in the streets. So what if an undocumented immigrant collapses and needs life-saving therapy? Do we have a moral responsibility, do you believe, to help that person?

TRUMP: Well, under my plan the undocumented or as you would say illegal immigrant wouldn’t be in the country. They only come in the country legally.


OZ: We’ll be right back.

WTF, people? Is no one else screaming about that exchange? We don’t know what is worse: Trump’s cold and inhumane answer, or Dr. Oz lacking the moral courage to challenge Trump for his bullshit answer. Or the national mainstream media staying silent about it.

Yeah, all this talk about Trump “softening” on immigration is a lie. The Republican candidate for President of the United States lacks serious compassion, and his continued demonization towards this country’s immigrant population is repulsive.