El B Releases Lyric Video for ‘Sigo Aquí,’ Featuring Talib Kweli

Oct 4, 2016
11:03 AM


Here is the exclusive lyric video premiere of “Sigo Aquí,” the newest single from Latin GRAMMY nominee El B:

Featuring American hip hop artist Talib Kweli, the premiere of “Sigo Aquí” follows EL B’s recent Latin GRAMMY nomination for Luz as Best Urban Music Album, released in June. This work includes stellar collaborations of established artists and creative producers such as Kweli, MLKMN, Itawe, Javier ‘lakambra’ Delgado and Mark Kondrat of Locos por Juana as well as GRAMMY-winning sound engineer Frank “El Médico.”

The Cuban king of Freestyle and his authentic lyrical street poetry were joined by the strength of Brooklyn when Kweli fused his English verses with El B’s Spanish lyrics on a song that talks about civic liberty, society’s hypocrisy and a strong determination toward achieving victory. “Sigo Aqui” is a powerful song that gets special strength from weaving two languages and two cultures and one truth:

El B
Y más allá del cuándo y del dónde
Aunque el fantasma del odio ronde tras de mí
Mi historia sea una página sin nombre
Mi fe en la victoria no se rompe

Mi vida, mi gente y sus sueños, mi lucha,

el lugar de un hombre esta ahí
Sigo aquí, sigo aquí, sigo aquíii!

Talib Kweli:

Political structures,

Rupture under the weight of the people that suffer
I’ve seen it online waiting for it to bust

They say they tougher with war ‘n crime,

but these are crimes of war
They eatin’ like carnivores
Treatin’ the poor like we your kind of whores