Latino Rebels Radio: An (Uncomfortable?) Conversation About the 2016 Election

Nov 13, 2016
11:22 PM

This week on Latino Rebels Radio, we recap the 2016 election. What happened? We start the show with César Vargas (yes, another César Vargas), one of the leading immigrant rights leaders in the country. He will give us his take on the election and tell us what he thinks the Democrats got wrong this time around.

Later, Arizona Public Policy Director for Center for Neighborhood Leadership, Viridiana Hernandez joins us. Viridiana has been part of the fight to oust Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of office for his discrimination practices against Latinos. Arpaio was voted out of office November 8. She will tell us what this means for her and the Latino community and how will they work with Paul Penzone to rebuild trust in Maricopa County.

And yes, we take callers too.

Donald Trump photo by Gage Skidmore.