Los Angeles Teacher Tells Middle School Students He’d Help Deport Their Parents

Nov 14, 2016
9:04 AM

Just the day after (the day after) Donald Trump was elected President, a South Los Angeles substitute physical education teacher told middle school students that he would help deport their parents, according to an audio tape reported by LA’s local CBS affiliate.

All this happened on November 9 at Bret Harte Preparatory Middle School in South LA. CBS LA said that many of the students in the class were scared after hearing the comments:

“I was scared, because how can a teacher tell us that? He’s just rubbing it in that Trump won. We already know that,” said a student whose father is undocumented. “I worry about my dad because I had a nightmare that he wasn’t with me anymore.”

According to the same student, the teacher said those comments because the class was not listening.

CBS LA also said that many parents have filed complaints with Los Angeles Unified School District. As of the posting, neither LAUSD or Bret Harte has responded to the incident.