Despite What Breitbart Predicted, World Didn’t End When National Anthem Was Sung at Mexico City NFL Game

Nov 22, 2016
9:32 AM

If you get your news from Breitbart (yes, all you Trump fans out there), you might have read this dire prediction about Monday’s night NFL game between the Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans in Mexico City:

The NFL returns to Mexico City for the first time in over a decade on Monday Night Football. And though neither the Texans nor the Raiders feature any national anthem kneelers on their roster, Estadio Azteca overflows with fans who love American football but not necessarily America.

The last time the NFL played in Mexico City, the U.S. president spoke Spanish and sought to give Mexicans living illegally in the United States citizenship. This go around, the United States just elected a president who made building a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border a centerpiece of his campaign.

So what happened exactly? Let’s go to the video tape, which shows Becky G singing the national anthem:

Did you hear any booing? Like serious booing?

Then there is this from our friend @miblogestublog:

We don’t think Breitbart expected that.

Granted, when you see a video from Mexican sports coverage, you might hear a boo or two, but by the end of the anthem, it looked like Becky G won the crowd over. The following clip also shows how the crowd went wild for the Mexican national anthem. Not a surprise.

Here’s the thing: 76,473 fans filled Azetca Stadium in Mexico City on Monday night. 76,473. And from the looks of it, the world did not end. Breitbart needs to get over the fact that yes, Mexicans LOVE the NFL and all the fear-mongering in the world won’t stop that.

So enough with the whole Mexico hates the U.S. dumbness. It’s complicated, sure, but the world is changing and it is very likely that we could see an NFL team in Mexico City before Trump ever completes his wall.