What We Are Thankful For Right Now

Nov 23, 2016
1:52 PM


Hey, we get it.

For a lot of you out there, the last few weeks have been crazy, almost terrifying. There is a lot to absorb and think about: from the prospect of a President-elect who has made it cool to be publicly racist again to the realization (we won’t say we told you so) that the Democratic candidate ran a campaign out of 1998 and had her own issues that you wanted to ignore.

Nonetheless, there is still a lot to be thankful for, and here is our current list:

We are thankful for our fans, from those on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond. Seriously, without you, we are nothing. Thank you for all the tweets and notes and kind words. We wouldn’t exist without you.

Also, to our more than 200 contributors who opine and challenge us and our readers every day. You know who you are. Your voices are so important and we appreciate each and every one of our.

Thank you to our haters, too. You could troll so many others out there and instead you choose us. Means a lot.

Then there are those who are already protesting and never settling, no matter:

#CaravanOfCourage launches from #Trump Building to the @whitehouse Nov 22 #immigration

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And to all you “rabble-rousers,” thinkers and those who will always want to question it all, thank you.