Apparently Walter Mercado Is in a Mexican Commercial for Doritos? Meh

Dec 16, 2016
5:35 PM

Our really good friends at Remezcla are spreading the news about a new Doritos MX commercial featuring Walter Mercado. We truly do appreciate their calling attention to the commercial, which appeared December 13 on the brand’s official YouTube channel. In the interest of “journalism,” we checked out the video because come on, it said “Walter Mercado” and “Doritos.”

But seriously, the ad is just weird. Like really weird. Like so unfunny weird that it is the type of commercial that people try so hard to produce, that in the end it just feels too stiff and manufactured and plain dumb. Will it break the Internet? Who knows, but so far it doesn’t look promising. As of this posting, the video has gotten about 800 views on YouTube in three days, but what do we know: we thought Trump would lose the election. The video’s below. We say “mediocre meh,” but we’re sure there are many people out those who will eat this crap up. Go crazy.

But maybe we are the fools because we are writing about it and giving Walter and his floating Doritos free advertising.