The One Thing We Will Say About Sofía Vergara’s Stupid and Embarrassing ‘Anal Tradition’ Golden Globes Joke

Jan 8, 2017
11:40 PM

On a Golden Globes night when Viola Davis reminded us all as to why art must always give voice to the voiceless, Sofía Vergara hit a new low with her latest “joke.”

It truly was embarrassing and mediocre, and if we as a Latino community do not take a moment to recognize that we have to do so much better on a such global state, we will never progress and no one will ever take us seriously. But don’t just take our word for it, there are others who feel the same way:

As for Vergara? We guess her “people” don’t like it when we critique the same stereotype she’s been peddling for years.

Tonight’s “anal tradition” joke stood out for its uncomfortable crassness. We cringed and so did others, while Vergara celebrated it all:

It’s probably best to just watch Davis’ speech and move on:

UPDATE, January 9, 2017: HuffPost’s Carolina Moreno offered her take on Vergara’s “anal moment” and it is an opinion piece we agree with 100%. Read it here.