Gaby Moreno’s Spanish-Language Version of Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ Is Pretty Legit

Apr 21, 2017
10:28 AM

We have no problems admitting this: we love Blondie, and we love that Gaby Moreno just recorded a Spanish-language version of “Call Me” for the new “How to Be a Latin Lover” movie.

“I went in wondering if a Spanish version of such an iconic song would work and to my surprise Blondie had already recorded one back in the day of which they did a great adaptation of,” Moreno told Latino USA. “That made me less nervous on recording such an iconic song, whether it be in English or Spanish.”

Hey, Gaby: the song DOES work. It always has. And it’s playing all day in our office, along with the original:

And of course, along with the original and extended Spanish version from Blondie called “Llámame:”

(H/T Latino USA)