Non-Latino Media Suddenly Discovers That There Are ‘Speak English’ Racists in the US

May 21, 2017
4:45 PM

So the following video that Shaun King tweeted about and that many online news sites wrote about it (here, here and here), let’s just say this: this type of “speak English” racist bullshit has become its own Internet genre, and it didn’t take a Trump Administration for it to “suddenly” appear.

So for every Mike in the world…

There’s the IHOP lady from 2015:

Or this one from Branson, Missouri (also in 2015):

Oh, yes, we should mention Racist Mall Lady from 2016:

Or the former realtor who was really bothered that there was a Mexican flag on someone’s lawn in 2014:

Don’t forget the Idaho school driver from 2016:

We are pretty sure you had no idea that a Texas legislator did this in 2011:

Or that in 2014, Gene Simmons said this:

And the 2016 Avis one:

So, yes, this is a thing. It’s been a thing for a while now.

Which leads us to our final point, so eloquently stated by @jackstermaster