#NoMames: National Republican Senate Committee Uses Mariachis to Troll Sen. Joe Donnelly

Aug 23, 2017
4:23 PM

File this one under why the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) has no problem pushing stale, disconnected and overplayed tropes about Mexicans. On Wednesday, the NRSC publishing a video where a five-man mariachi band visits Indiana Democrat senator Joe Donnelly to attack his campaign and criticize his family’s business in Mexico.

Here is the video that the NRSC posted with the caption: “Friendly reminder: Joe Donnelly profited from his family company that shipped jobs to Mexico.”

Sen. Donnelly’s family owns Stewart Superior Corp., which his brother runs. According to the AP, “Donnelly reported owning as much as $50,000 in company stock and earning between $15,001 and $50,000 in dividends on it in 2016 alone.”

The company produces ink pads another supplies in a Mexican factory.

The video shows people enjoying the rancheras and Sen. Donnelly accepting the “gift” kindly.

Get it?

Sen. Donnelly is running for re-election in 2018. The NRSC welcomed his campaign with the video and this tweet using the hashtag #MexicoJoe. WTF.

Yes, this is a NATIONAL GOP committee doing this. Do we really have to explain why this type of stunt is just plain dumb and only serves to perpetuate the same old stereotypes that have only led to more and more antagonism?

And then you wonder why Republicans have “Mexican problems.” Well, looks like the NRSC is following the Trump playbook.

Hit it, Gollum.