Latino Rebels Readers Name the DACA Defenders the 2017 Rebeldes of the Year

Dec 31, 2017
2:17 PM

Latino Rebels readers overwhelmingly chose the DACA Defenders as this year’s 2017 Rebeldes of the Year with 54 percent of the online vote. Reporters covering Hurricane María got 28 percent, while voices from Honduras got 14 percent and the Latina students behind the ““White Girl, Take OFF Your Hoops” mural got four percent.

Despite stories of DREAMers getting detained and deported, the undocumented youth movement has applied even more pressure on both Republicans and Democrats to act on real immigration reform. Here are some of those stories from this year:

Immigrant Youth and Allies Push for Clean DREAM Act in National Day of Action

Undocumented Youth and Allies Protest Outside Sen. Schumer’s Office in Push for DREAM Act, 3 Arrested

This One Video Showing How Undocumented Youth Respond to News of No #DreamAct Will Actually Lift You Up

Undocumented Youth Occupy Sen. Schumer’s Office, Say They Will Risk Deportation and Refuse to Offer Names If Arrested

Organizers Say Rest of #Dream7 Will Leave DC Jail and End Hunger Strike

Latino Rebels Radio also dedicated some episodes the actions of the undocumented youth community:

In 2018, we see no sign of the movement slowing down. And to all those Republicans and Democrats who think these brave young people will allow to be bargaining chips in a bipartisan immigration deal? Think again. The fight continues for them and the entire immigrant community.

So to all the DACA Defenders out there, la lucha sigue.