A Comprehensive List of Stories About Puerto Rico’s Hurricane María Death Toll

Sep 19, 2018
1:15 PM

With all the attention now being given to how many people died due to the impacts of Hurricane María, which struck the island of Puerto Rico last year this week, we wanted to share a comprehensive list of stories and podcasts surrounding this topic. This is not meant to be a definitive list, but it includes reporting by the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo, Latino USA and Latino Rebels.

Here goes:

September 28, 2017: María’s Death Toll in Puerto Rico Is Being Underreported

October 1, 2017: Why Is María’s Death Toll in Puerto Rico Being Underreported?

October 2, 2017: Puerto Rico’s Public Safety Secretary Admits There Are More María-Related Deaths

October 9, 2017: Chaos in Puerto Rico’s ‘Operational’ Hospitals

October 19, 2017: Sources: Democratic Lobbyist With Ties to Puerto Rico Gov’t Urged Senators to Not Focus on María Death Count

October 30, 2017: Puerto Rico Secretary of Public Safety Discusses Death Count Since Hurricane Maria

November 8, 2017: For the First 10 Days After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Reports a 43% Increase in Deaths

November 16, 2017: Dozens of Uncounted Deaths From Hurricane María Emerge in Puerto Rico

November 17, 2017: Rosselló About Investigating Uncounted Hurricane María Deaths: ‘This Is a Continuous Effort’

November 21, 2017: Puerto Rico’s Government Seems to Blame Everyone Else for Uncounted Hurricane Deaths

November 27, 2017: Independent Study: Hurricane María Death Count Could Be 10 Times Higher Than Official Count

December 7, 2017: Nearly 1,000 More People Died in Puerto Rico After Hurricane María

December 8, 2017: FEMA Responds to Reports of High Death Count in Puerto Rico After Hurricane María

December 13, 2017: Government of Puerto Rico Responds to Hurricane María Death Count Story

December 17, 2017: Delayed and Without Resources: Puerto Rico’s Police Did Little to Investigate Missing Persons After Hurricane María

December 18, 2017: After Reports of Higher Hurricane María Deaths, Puerto Rico Governor Calls for Formal Investigation and Review

January 4, 2018: As Deaths From September and October Continue to Increase, Puerto Rico Governor Announces Details on Death Toll Working Group

January 5, 2018: The Death Count

February 1, 2018: Puerto Rico’s Government Won’t Update Post-Hurricane Death Data Until Formal Report Is Completed

February 8, 2018: Puerto Rican Journalists Sue Demographic Registry Over Hurricane María Death Statistics

February 12, 2018: Puerto Rico’s Department of Health Says It Is Not Authorized to Provide Updated 2017 Death Statistics

May 24, 2018: Puerto Rico Government Did Not Prevent Most Hurricane María-Related Deaths

May 30, 2018: Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on the Puerto Rico Hurricane María Death Toll

May 31, 2018: Why Puerto Rico’s Death Toll From Hurricane Maria Is so Much Higher Than Officials Thought

June 7, 2018: The Rosselló Administration Continues to Arbitrarily Mishandle Hurricane María Death Toll Data in Puerto Rico

June 10, 2018: The Death Count in Puerto Rico After Hurricane María: What’s Really Missing

June 12, 2018: Vidas de damnificados por María aún penden de un hilo

June 14, 2018: CPI Certifies That Rosselló Government Did Not Deliver All Information Regarding Deaths in Puerto Rico

June 14, 2018: OPINION: A Key Lesson from Hurricane Maria? Puerto Rico’s Urgent Need for Transparency

June 21, 2018: Cuentan su experiencia médicos que certificaron muertes por María

June 28, 2018: Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló on the Hurricane María Death Count

July 3, 2018: CPI+CNN Investigation: Records Suggest Puerto Rico Saw a Leptospirosis Outbreak After Hurricane María, But Officials Won’t Call It That

July 10, 2018: Government of Puerto Rico Did Not Follow Federal Guidelines to Certify Post-María Deaths

August 3, 2018: Problema con cadáveres en Puerto Rico lleva años pero se agravó en los pasados cuatro meses

August 17, 2018: Comedy of Errors: Puerto Rico’s Government Maintains Official Figure of 64 Hurricane María Deaths

September 13, 2018: Day Before Trump Tweets About Death Count, Puerto Rican Govt Officials Met With White House to Discuss Hurricane María Messaging

September 14, 2018: The Deaths of Hurricane María

September 16, 2018: Puerto Rico DOES Matter, President Trump

September 18, 2018: Mudos los hospitales tras sus fallas por el huracán