Vote for the 2019 #NoMames Award: It Will Take You Just 5 Seconds

Dec 16, 2019
11:34 AM

Wow, this year. What a year. So many #NoMames moments, but as has been our tradition since we launched in 2011, it’s time to vote for the 2019 #NoMames Award winner. To be quite honest, we could have probably included 10 nominees so the four chosen here were really the top of the #NoMames crop. Even more #NoMames than this story or even this one.

Here is the poll. Voting ends on December 22, and we will announce the winner after we get back from the break. If you need a refresher for the nominees, we addded links after the poll. Happy voting!

Tom Brokaw

You remember this moment from January, right?

“I also happen to believe that the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation. That’s one of the things I’ve been saying for a long time, you know. They ought not to be just codified in their communities but make sure that all their kids are learning to speak English and that they feel comfortable in their communities, and that’s gonna take outreach on both sides frankly.”

Martin Hyde

Don’t think we will ever forget this one.

“At one point of the video, one of the boys said that the older man told them to go cut the grass, which the older man did not deny (‘so what.’) The boys alleged that the older man was being racist for what he told them. The video also showed them trying to resolve the situation before they appear to leave the premises. In a conversation with Latino Rebels, Irizarry said that both of the boys were speaking in Spanish before the video was recorded, but that his nephew usually speaks English when traveling. His nephew told him that the older man heard the two speaking in Spanish and told the boys to shut up and cut the grass. It was after that when the recording of the video happened.”

Yalitza Aparicio Haters

This one has a couple of entries.

Entry 1: “So the fabulous @miblogestublog posted the following tweets earlier on Sunday, showing Yessica Rosales of Televisa’s La Parodia (parody show, for those asking) dressed in brownface as Mexican indigenous actress Yalitza Aparicio, accepting a parody Oscar with a parody Alfonso Cuarón.”

Entry 2: “Rossana Barro, who works with The Morelia International Film Festival, revealed on Twitter that there’s a chat group with Mexican actresses ready to ask the Mexican Film Academy (AMCC) to keep Yalitza Aparicio from being nominated for its awards. The Mexican news website Sin Embargo reported on this story, stating that the Ariel —the award that the women tried to keep Yalitza from being nominated for— is the most prestigious in Mexico.

‘Speak English!’ Videos

This one also has a couple of entries.

Entry 1:  See Martin Hyde.

Entry 2: “On Saturday, the Facebook profile of Irma Dleon posted two cellphone videos showing an unidentified woman telling an unidentified man in a restaurant to “get the f•ck out of my country” because the man was speaking Spanish.”

Entry 3: “Once again, there’s yet another video of a racist person (he even says it in the video) telling someone to not speak Spanish in public. The following video, originally posted Saturday on Facebook by Sheila Camacho is hard to watch (several F bombs), but you need ot watch it. It happened at a local McDonald’s in Savannah, Georgia.”

We are sure there were other ones too.