As New CBS Show “¡ROB!” Gets Panned for Stereotypical Humor, @DoloresHuerta Tweets Support for Show

Jan 12, 2012
5:05 PM

Tonight the new CBS sitcom ¡ROB! premieres and already major publications like TIME and The Los Angeles Times are trashing it for its stereotypical, one-dimensional and insensitive humor, especially towards portrayals of Mexican Americans (you know, we are all gardeners, illegals, etc. etc.).

Just this afternoon on Twitter, Latina Icon Dolores Huerta tweeted out to the Twitterverse, asking for support of the show and actor Lupe Ontiveros.

"please support Lupe Ontiveros in the new show Rob! on CBS"

"Show is at 830 on CBS."


Quite frankly, upon reading the reviews and already skeptical of the show's premise, we respectfully decline to support this show. Sorry, Ms. Huerta. And with say that will all the respect in the world and understand that you are using Twitter to support a friend. We do that all the time. We know you have done a lot for Latinos, but a new generation of younger Latinos are respectfull disagreeing. We MUST fight these stereotypes and demand for better programming for Latino actors and writers in Hollywood. Sorry.