Dear Fox News: Thanks for the Mention About @EvaLongoria Story, But….

Oct 19, 2012
11:20 AM

Ok, we are still feeling a bit dirty that we got mentioned on Fox News.

And they totally missed our point about Eva Longoria's unfortunate rewteets, so we wanted to offer our response to it.

Dear Fox News: Thanks for the mention, but…

We never said we were "offended," although we did say that what Longoria RT'd was vulgar. Longoria needed to employ better practices when using Twitter. She has over 4 million followers (not 2 million, Fox) and for her to expect that she is not being watched by outlets that are ready to pounce on her social media acts is a bit naive.

In addition, Longoria has allowed for this story to be controlled by others and not her. We are absolutely convinced that if Longoria had just tweeted out "damn, my bad" right after she RTd the tweets, this would have been a non-issue. Also, if Longoria WASN'T the co-chair of the Obama campaign, she would have not gotten such attention. It is perplexing to us that Longoria does not make the connection between public speaking and Twitter. Do you really think that she would have called Romney a "twat" in a public speech?

But for some reason, people who don't know social media think it is ok to tweet out things and then backtrack.

As for FOX NEWS? Really? Anthony Weiner? Come on, Weiner TOOK A PICTURE OF HIS PENIS. He lied about it. Longoria just made a mistake, and in the end she didn't handle it well on social media. It you have a problem, deal with it immediately on Twitter. Before the vultures show up. Before the outrage industry starts churning out the content. Also, by the way? What is Cafe con Leche GOP thinking? Romney is going to win 35% of the Latino vote? Now THAT is funny. Thanks for the mention, Fox News, even though you misrepresented us.

By the way, Alan Colmes reportedly said that Longoria should resign as co-chair of Obama campaign. But then he tweeted this:

Ok, people walk away from the scene and put down your smart phones. Longoria made a mistake (twice) on social media. The way she handled it was wrong. Her response had to be immediate. Maybe a little more humility on her end would have helped. A real sincere Twitter apology, but a resignation? That might be too much. We think Longoria learned her social media lesson. And we also believe she will think the next time before she tweets or retweets content that will only cause problems for her and the organizations she represents.