Did New York’s El Diario Pull Scathing Online Column on Hector Camacho’s Death?

Nov 26, 2012
10:46 AM

UPDATE, December 7, 2012: El Diario resintstated the column.

This morning, a Google search of New York's El Diario column called "Un criminal con suerte," a scathing indictment of boxing legend Héctor "Macho" Camacho, shows that the original column is no longer on El Diario's website. When someone clicks on the El Diario link for the column, an ERROR 404 shows up. Here is a screen grab what readers get now:

However, an online downloadable PDF of the original column was posted on Scribid earlier this morning. An excerpt of the column also appears here.The column, which is part of the newspaper's Pico y Muerdo ("I Peck/Sting/Pick at You and Bite") blog, criticizes the public's sympathy towards Camacho's violent death last week. The column basically called the boxing legend an embarrassment to all Puerto Ricans, a charlatan, a caricature, a puppet, and yes, a criminal. It said that Camacho's antics were disrespectful and his attempt to resurrect his career and image through his Univision appearances later in life were laughable and should be condemned. Reader comments on the post were extremely negative of the column, calling it disrespectful towards Camacho, who died Saturday from gunshots he suffered in Puerto Rico last week.

We have reached out to El Diario for comment about the column, but could only leave a voice mail to the newspaper's editorial staff. When we called the New York office of ImpreMedia, El Diario's parent company, we were told to contact the company's Los Angeles office, which is not open yet as of this post. Once we hear from both El Diario and ImpreMedia for comment, we will share what they had to say.

Now, we understand that sometimes editorial companies have to remove content from their site (this page once removed a post that contained too many threatening comments that jeopardized the personal safety of a few of our editors, and we were transparent about it), but we would think that a major news publication like El Diario would at least be ready to respond quickly or offer an online statement as to why the column is no longer on its site.

Macho Camacho: Un criminal con suerte