Disturbing Videos of Police Actions During #1DMx Go Viral on Social Media

Dec 3, 2012
9:11 AM

The #1DMx protests against Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) have countless of stories being shared via Twitter and Facebook. One tweet from @epigmenioibarra (a Mexican telenovela producer with over 100K Twitter followers) has garnered attention and is beginning to go viral. It should be noted that Ibarra has already been criticized by many for his acts during the student protests against EPN, yet when you have over 100K Twitter followers, you will get noticed, since in the end Twitter doesn't take the time to examine context. It just goes and moves.

The original tweet came from @soybarbarella.

Here is the video that is now being shared quickly. It shows a young man who identifies himself as Uriel Polo. He is seen behind a circle of police, bleeding. After shouting "Hasta la victoria siempre," the young man appears to faint as a police officer tells the person filming the scene that an ambulance is on its way. The video ends with the young man in the back of a police car.

As with most videos that are being uploaded at an amazing clip, very little information is shared about the story of this video. That is just one of the issues when it comes to social media reporting. Many outlets have not begun to cover the story behind this video, but we would expect that they will eventually. In the meantime, #UrielPolo has already been initiated on Twitter.

YoSoy132Media has already reported that YoSoy132's legal group has already made contact with Polo and confirmed that he is being treated for his injuries. In the meantime, there will be a press conference today about new developments regarding those protesters who have been detained. You can find more updates here.

Yesterday on Facebook, another video, which has gotten over 10,000 shares and continues to spread, shows an unidentified man being grabbed by police. The original poster of the video does little to identify the story behind this video, but apparently that doesn't matter to the people who have shared it all over the Internet.