The Viral “Peter La Anguila” Video Takes Off Like Crazy in Latin America

Dec 28, 2012
12:35 AM

It was bound to happen, as social media in Latin America continues to explode, chances are that we will begin to see more Spanish-language content going viral. Such is the case of El Pichy Films’ “Peter La Anguila (Peter the Eel)” video, which has struck the jackpot the last few months.


Our friends at VOXXI have already called the very bizarre video a “Latino Gangnam Style.” The 80-second video has already gotten over 9 million views, as well as 35,000+ likes and 35,000+ dislikes, proving that one person’s Internet gold is another person’s Internet crap.

But isn’t that what the Internet is all about—getting people to check you out? Los Pichy Boys have produced over 160 videos, including the very funny Latino GPS and Latino SIRI skits. We didn’t think their move into Miami zombies and homophobia did not do them any good for a while, but once you get 9+ million views, the Boys are now on another level, especially one that is more Latin American than US-based. For example, Peter La Anguila’s official Facebook page has over 60,000 fans, with about 40% of them based in Argentina, and less than 2% coming from the US. It will be interesting to see if Los Pichy Boys have found their Psy or if Peter la Anguila becomes a fad. Right now, Los Pichy Boys are riding their viral horse. Wouldn’t you?

As for the video, well, you decide for yourself.

Nonetheless, the song and the dance have already hit the Latin American mainstream.