“Stop Watching Us” Anti-Surveillance Rally Tomorrow In DC

Oct 25, 2013
8:46 PM

Tomorrow at noon the “Stop Watching Us” campaign will he holding “A Rally Against Mass Surveillance” in Washington D.C. to protests the NSA’s continued spying of people around the world.

Group organizers claim that it will be the “largest rally yet against NSA Surveillance” with thousands expected to attend. The event will feature many notable speakers including former Congressmen Dennis Kucinich, Congressmen Justin Amash, Social Critic Naomi Wolf, and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.


The group also boosts influential supporters such as the ACLU, the Libertarian Party, Occupy Wall Street, and Anonymous.

The date of  tomorrow’s rally, October 26th, 2013, marks the twelfth anniversary of the signing of the Patriot Act which laid the legislative groundwork for the U.S.’s use of mass surveillance both inside and outside it’s borders. StopWatching. is “a coalition of more than 100 public advocacy organizations and companies from across the political spectrum.”

Their online petition against the National Security Agency’s surveillance apparatus has drawn over half a million signatures to date. In their open letter to Congress they make the following demands: